Polyurea Applications
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POLYUREA - The new Generation in Surface Coating and Joint Filling

Polyurea coatings and linings are more commonly applied over concrete and steel for corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. Applications are endless - the sky is the the limit!

Construction Applications:
- Waterproofing of Foundations, Roofs, Swimming Pools.
- Lining and protective coating of Sewage Tanks and Pipes.
- Lining and Protective coating of Drinking Water Tanks and Pipes.
- Lining of Grain Elevators, Silos and Food Processing Plants.
- Lining of Industrial Floors, Parking Garages and Operating Rooms.
- Thermal Insulation of Roofs, Tanks, Cold Storages and Pipes.
- Lining and protecting Military Installations from Bomb Blasts.
Military Applications:
- Internal & External Protective Coating of Tanks, Tankers Trucks, Filters,
- Desalination Plants, Kerosene and Diesel fuel.
- Protective Coating of Land-Sea Vehicles.
- Protective Coating and anti skid of Submarines and Navy Ships.
- Blast Mitigation of Air Force, Marines, Army and Navy Installations.
  Petroleum  Applications:
- Tank Lining, Thermal Insulation and Rehabilitation.
- External and Internal Pipe Coating, Thermal Insulation and Rehabilitation.
- Coating of Fixed and Movable Tank Roofs.
- Secondary Containment under and around Tanks.
- Protective Coating and anti Skid of Helicopter Decks.
- Floors for compressor areas and workshops.
- Blast Mitigation for Control Rooms.

  Transportation Applications:
- Truck Bed-Lining
- Lining of Floors, Baggage Spaces and Roofs of Buses and Trains.
- Internal and External Coating of Tanker Trucks.
- Anti Skid and Protective Coating for Top Surfaces and Walkways of Boats,
- Ships and Freighters.
- Lining of Crude Oil Tanker Compartments.

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