Foaming Equipments
High Pressure Foaming Machines
High pressure foam dispensing machines are equipped with a full range of technical features to maximize control and to guarantee a correct operation.
SPB series high pressure machines are available for output from 40 to 200 Kg/min. and variable ratio between 1:5 to 5:1.
SPB series machines features components flow rate automatic adjustement and are power by a PLC and an Industrial Personal Computer. This machines are suitable to process polyurethane foams based on HCFC's, HFC's, water blown with or without co-blowing agent and liquid Carbon Dioxide.
SPB series high pressure machines easily meet any production requirement thanks to their sturdy construction and their simplicity of use.

The advantages:
Easy maintenance and user-friendly - Efficency in any production conditions - Quality and price perfect balance
High quality construction components - High metering precision, accuracy and reeatability - Components calibration directly on the mixing head - High mixing precision, repeatability and uniformity  - Components high conditioning control and accuracy


Sandwich Panel
Refrigeration - cold store
Mobile Shelters - Insulated Doors
Car seats - Furniture
Caravans -  houses
Shoes - toys - decorations

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