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ïCNC Press Brake
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The press brake is equiped with the most advanced CNC controller, Delem DA69W from Netherland, which is 2D/3D graphical CNC system for hydraulic press brakes with fully automatic bend sequence computation and CNC production computation.
Delem DA69W, with the main technical specifications as Colour display 12" TFT
2D/3D Graphical CNC system, automatic bend sequence, PLC functions, operator warning system, etc. What’smore, its USB interface makes easy connection of external devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.).
To match with the most advanced CNC controller, the press brake is also equipped imported electrics, and hydraulic system and pumps well known as Rexroth from German. 
Some more high-end components as ball screws, linear guaideway, servomotor, 3-points laser in FIESSLER brand, and optical grating ruler in HEIDENHAIN, makes the press brake more accurate and advanced.
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